Recent Mergers and Acquisitions

Preparing your company for a merger or acquisition involves a complex process that requires expert knowledge, due diligence, and open communication to ensure the deal runs smoothly for all parties. At Morrow Sodali, we take on the role of the exchange agent to assist clients with their business growth plans.

Whether you are looking to boost their market shares, buy out competitors, or gain access to proprietary technology and resources, our expert team can help you get there. Our global shareholding engagement and governance consulting firm allow us to successfully oversee high-profile M&A deals, tender offers, Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) campaigns, and other deal activities for corporations.

What is M&A?

M&A stands for mergers and acquisitions. It is the process where one company either combines their assets and technologies with another company, or one company purchases the other to incorporate it into one larger business.

When deciding between a merger versus acquisition, it’s important to keep the size of the business in mind. Typically, a larger company performs a business acquisition of a smaller one as it is now owned by this parent brand. As a result, the smaller business may cease to exist altogether or retain its name and business structure. A company merger occurs frequently between offices or brands that are the same size, and they will come together to form a collective, new business.

Morrow Sodali is the Leader in SPAC and M&A Consulting Services

Morrow Sodali advisory and consulting services manage all types of mergers and acquisitions for businesses of varying sizes. We function as an information agent for various transactions, including tender offers. Our proprietary approaches and technologies allow us to gather and monitor shareholder response data and plan campaign transactions so companies can take the appropriate responses with business acquisitions and mergers. Reach out to Morrow Sodali to discuss our services today.