Key Investors

Morrow Sodali Investors Pallavicini

Pallavicini Family Office

Sodali Holding is the founding vehicle created in 2007 by the Pallavicini Family Office that funded the initial capital for Sodali. Over the last decade the Pallavicini Family Office have supported the growth of the business to what is today Morrow Sodali Group. The presence of the Principi Pallavicini family in Italy can be traced back to the second half of the 9th century and today their investments are primarily in real estate, wine, private equity and art having one of the largest and most prestigious art collections in the world.

Morrow Sodali Investors Granite Creek

Granite Creek Capital Partners, L.L.C.

Founded in 2005, Granite Creek Capital Partners, L.L.C. is a Chicago-based private investment firm focused on providing capital and operational resources to lower middle market companies engaged in manufacturing, business services, healthcare, and agribusiness. With an experienced team of investment professionals bringing expertise in banking, private equity, operations and business development, Granite Creek has a successful track record of investing in and supporting its portfolio companies. In addition to providing funding to lower middle market companies, in 2011, Granite Creek co-founded Renovo Financial, one of the largest regional private lenders serving real estate entrepreneurs.

Morrow Sodali Investors Fidia Holding

Fidia Holding SpA Family Office

Fidia Holding SpA is a Milan and New York-based Private Equity/Holding Company operating as a Family Office, formerly the holding company for Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A., one of Italy’s largest pharmaceutical firms. Fidia Holding S.p.A. is an active investment company, focused on identifying, managing and ultimately selling industrial and financial investments in Europe, the US and emerging markets. Currently its portfolio focuses on financial services, real estate and energy. Its corporate offices are in Italy and the US.


Morrow Sodali has over 20 members of staff that are partners in the business.