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Effective managers of change need access to the best information available. Sometimes that information is apparent, but more often it lies hidden in the form of people’s opinions.


When you choose Morrow Sodali as your research partner, you will receive global expertise and unparalleled service. Our clients use our research and campaigns services to help them:

  • Build enterprise value
  • Manage a crisis
  • Strengthen stakeholder satisfaction
  • Improve employee loyalty
  • Enhance corporate reputation
  • Develop successful products, services, and policy

Reliable opinion research is the only means to anticipate the reactions of those who will be affected by change, so you can stay ahead of the curve. While shareholder research does not pretend to predict the future, it gives you a solid sense of where you stand, a vantage point from which to observe trends that affect you, and a way to test what the possible impact of changes might be.

Morrow Sodali's global research team specialise in the ability to identify and communicate behaviour changing messages to target audiences with world-leading polling and market analysis. We provide experienced counsel and disciplined campaign execution, managing multiple channels of communication, against tight budgets and timelines.

Amongst our key capabilities, we deliver end-to-end research for clients across all sectors.

Unique advantages to our clients

  • Monthly shareholder surveys to closely monitor shifting attitudes with consumers, retail shareholders, institutional investors, elite decision makers, and voters.
  • Hands-on experience in campaigns so our research is deigned to be actionable.
  • Real perspective & balance between political, business and community.
  • Bespoke applications to bring our winning methodology to all client needs.
  • Innovative questionnaire design to probe more fully the potential strengths and weaknesses of a company, product, or corporate leader.
  • Commitment to a campaign any time of day or night.
  • We have one simple goal: to develop data that provides a clear focus to set the direction of a winning campaign.

Why Conduct Research?

As a result, your strategy is based on reasoned judgment. But not any research supplier will do. Managers of change need a research partner who understands who to ask, what to ask, how to ask it, and most importantly, has the experience and insight to turn findings into actionable strategy.

Few research firms can provide this unique combination of technical expertise and broad strategic vision the way Morrow Sodali can. Our years of experience in innovative research and strategic development are well known.

Working in partnership with you, our research professionals will sort through the complexities of the changes you confront, singling out the most important issues and identifying stakeholders who will affect and be affected by the changes. Next, based on a careful research plan, we will collect the information to complete the picture.

Finally, we will sort through the findings and develop the strategic imperatives that will guide you successfully through the changes you face. Knowing that your strategy is based on solid, reliable information and sound strategic thinking, you will act with confidence as a manager of change.

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