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The Morrow Sodali platform

A critical differentiator for our services is the Morrow Sodali Platform. A proprietary cloud-based system that centralizes information from thousands of client engagements, the Platform enables Morrow Sodali teams to interact globally and leverage their collective expertise. The Platform codifies investor sentiment and identifies patterns in shareholder behavior, helping us counsel clients using a data-driven approach from our track record covering decades of client projects. Annually, we handle more than 900 projects on the platform and reach out to thousands of institutional shareholders who manage more than eighty trillion dollars globally.

The Platform integrates information from proxy solicitation & shareholder engagement, stock surveillance, corporate governance and other unstructured data sources in a single, flexible system, enabling Morrow Sodali to deliver optimal client outcomes.

Bondwatch Morrow Sodali's real-time reporting system

In 2021, Morrow Sodali launched BondWatch, a proprietary real-time reporting system for debt transactions. Historically bond issuers and their advisors had to rely on infrequent, retrospective emails and spreadsheets prepared by their specialist agents who compile data on investor responses to stay apprised of a transaction’s status. With BondWatch, Morrow Sodali has upended the status quo and developed a proprietary, secure real-time reporting system for our debt services clients.

Despite the large sums involved in international debt transactions, real-time information is still not the norm during time-sensitive deals such as tender offers, exchange offers, consent solicitations and debt restructurings. The status of these transactions is constantly changing, as investors may be dispersed across many different countries and time zones. BondWatch offers clients a real-time window into a transaction’s status and consolidates information into a secure client portal enabling a holistic view of a transaction.

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