How we add value

  • We combine the broad expertise of a large global enterprise with the personalized service of a small boutique committed to serving the needs of each individual client.
  • We deliver customized, best-in-class strategic advice and services, rather than relying on standardized off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all products.
  • We guide clients through the entire annual governance cycle, taking a holistic approach that treats the annual meeting as a governance event and proxy solicitation as a source of valuable intelligence about ownership, share voting and board issues.
  • We work inside the complex back-office network of agents and intermediaries that separate companies from beneficial owners, enabling us to overcome mechanical obstacles and maximize shareholder response.
  • We have credibility and a relationship of trust with institutional investors, giving us access and an edge when clients need their support.
  • We work simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions around the globe, giving us familiarity with different governance and disclosure regimes and direct access to the nuances of investor decision-making in diverse markets.
  • We have constructed a global operations platform, unique in our industry, that is an essential resource for clients dealing with the demands of global investor stewardship standards and local regulatory requirements.
  • We have over 50 years of experience and a record of success in mergers and acquisitions, proxy contests, takeovers and shareholder activism.
  • We were the first firm in our industry to adopt a formal Code of Business Conduct and make a public commitment to avoid conflicts of interest and protect client confidentiality.