Our Mission

Morrow Sodali is a leading provider of strategic advice and shareholder services to corporate clients around the world.

The firm provides corporate boards and executives with strategic advice and services relating to a broad range of activities, including: mergers and acquisitions, annual and special meetings, shareholder activist initiatives, multinational cross-border equity transactions and debt restructuring services.

From headquarters in New York and London, and offices and partners in major capital markets, Morrow Sodali serves more than 700 corporate clients in 80+ countries, including many of the world’s largest multinational corporations. In addition to listed and private companies, its clients include financial institutions, mutual funds, ETFs, stock exchanges and membership associations.

Our Mission

Morrow Sodali’s mission is to bring together all the expertise, information, technology and resources companies need to engage effectively with shareholders and maximize support for their business initiatives.

Our goal is to establish a strategic partnership with each of our clients by offering timely and insightful advice, high quality service and customized solutions to their governance and ownership challenges.

Our History



becomes the leading independent US proxy solicitor and corporate governance consultancy



launches with local offices in Europe, Latin America and developing markets



merge into Morrow Sodali, creating the only international service and business consultancy with local expertise in all major markets



the leading Australian expert in shareholder engagement and proxy strategies



Morrow Sodali procures a leading stake in Di Costa Partners, a market leader in governance, proxy advisory and solicitation services for registered funds



Morrow Sodali acquires Nestor Advisors, the London-based advisory firm specializing in corporate governance and organizational design

Our Values - Code of Business Conduct

The client comes first. Morrow Sodali’s commitment is to give priority to the interests of the client and to provide value-added service. Accordingly, data and information derived from our work are used exclusively for the benefit of clients. Morrow Sodali does not offer products or services that are incompatible with our mission or damaging to our relationship with clients or institutional investors.

Morrow Sodali’s business model is designed to be conflict-free in an environment where conflicts of interest are common. As a gatekeeper to relations between companies and institutional investors, Morrow Sodali must be trusted by both. Accordingly, Morrow Sodali does not accept assignments that conflict with the interests of our clients or their long-term investors. In the event of a contested solicitation or a hostile takeover bid involving two or more clients, Morrow Sodali will give priority to defense of the targeted client company.

Morrow Sodali’s business depends on: (1) the willingness of clients to disclose internal data and information with confidence that it will remain confidential; (2) the willingness of institutional investors to share information about their ownership and proxy voting decisions without fear that it will be misused; and (3) our ability to work confidentially with custodians and other agents to overcome obstacles to communication and share voting. Accordingly, Morrow Sodali does not disclose confidential information publicly or sell it to any third party.

As a global company built upon local expertise, Morrow Sodali’s services are designed to add value in the context of each client’s individual business circumstances and strategic goals. In all its services, the firm recognizes the importance of local business practices and legal requirements while seeking to help companies deal with global expectations. Accordingly, Morrow Sodali customizes its advice and services for each client and does not use standardized “off-the-shelf” products

Morrow Sodali’s reputation is based on its commitment to good corporate governance, fair treatment of shareholders, ethical business practices and effective policies relating to the environment, societal issues, stakeholders and the wellbeing of communities served by client companies. Accordingly, this commitment informs all our work with clients and supports their efforts to achieve sustainable long-term performance. All members of the Morrow Sodali team are obligated to honor this Code of Business Conduct.