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Global Debt Services

Morrow Sodali provides services to corporate and sovereign bond issuers whenever they require support from bondholders. Our ability to identify bondholders, gather market intelligence, organize a global communication campaign and gather and display real-time bondholder instructions across multiple clearing systems through our proprietary BondWatch platform, are critical to achieving required levels of support in transactions that involve fixed-income securities.



Bondholder Identification

Identifications can serve several strategic purposes: in anticipation of a debt restructuring or liability management transaction, to enable a debt IR strategy, for tax-certification or regulatory purposes or to allow SEC de-registrations.

Morrow Sodali has assembled a global team of professional experts to handle the requirements of transactions involving bondholders. Our dedicated team performs identifications reports that provide bonds issuers with a detailed analysis of the bondholder population; including the name, size of holdings and location of investors, custodian banks and any financial intermediary.

Morrow Sodali’s research goes beyond publicly available data. The lack of fixed record dates, opaque trading and ownership records, cross-border investment practices, sovereign issuance, widely dispersed global ownership – are among the many challenges.

Debt restructurings and liability management

Morrow Sodali provides bondholder communication coverage to bond issuers, financial advisors and legal counsels during the planning and execution of ordinary and extraordinary transactions.

Morrow Sodali’s experts have decades of experience dealing with some of the largest global campaigns involving bondholders. The firm’s success results from its ability to adapt its core services to fixed income securities. The firm is an acknowledged leader in the identification of bondholders, assembling documentation and communications, using call centers staffed with experienced professionals to reach and provide information to investors and financial intermediaries on Tender Offers, Exchange Offers, Consent Solicitations, Schemes of Arrangement and other complex debt transactions.

The firm’s high level of expertise and many years of experience have proven critical in ensuring a successful outcome to these transactions that are often critical to the economic health and even the survival of public companies and sovereign issuers. Morrow Sodali acts as:

  • Information Agent
  • Tender Agent
  • Exchange Agent
  • Consent Solicitation Agent / Proxy Agent
  • Calculation Agent
  • Settlement Agent


ESG integration and “Green Bonds”

Morrow Sodali has developed expertise in Green Bonds and in the special requirements of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) integration in fixed income investments. The Firm provides ESG advisory to issuing companies, assists them to build a bondholder communication plan to transmit the company’s ESG practices to potential investors and to promote engagement with existing bondholders during the life of the bond.

BondWatch – Real-time Reporting System

BondWatch is Morrow Sodali’s proprietary real-time reporting system for debt transactions. BondWatch provides clients with a real-time view into a transaction, providing instructions and consolidating information into a secure client portal. This real-time view helps facilitate information flow during time-critical deals including tender offers, exchange offers, consent solicitations and debt restructurings. This innovative system enables Morrow Sodali to provide our clients with the highest level of service on their global debt transactions.

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