31 May 2023 • NextStep Magazine • Articles Corporate governance: How to reconcile

How can sustainability be reconciled with profitability? This is the question at the heart of this roundtable featuring Stanislas de Laporte

31 May 2023 • Morrow Sodali • Articles HKEx proposes more comprehensive climate related disclosures to listed companies 港交所建议上市公司披露更全面的气候相关资料

HKEx published a consultation paper seeking market feedback on a proposal to enhance climate-related disclosures under the existing ESG reporting

23 May 2023 • Cinco Dias • Articles Shareholders' requests at annual general meetings near 40%

Minority shareholders are becoming increasingly active and committed, demanding greater accountability in remuneration, social and environmental issues

23 May 2023 • El Economista • Articles TCI takes the lead in activism in Europe by becoming the largest shareholder of Cellnex

The Children's Investment Fund (TCI) leads the rise in activist positions in Europe in the first quarter of 2023

19 May 2023 • El Nuevo Lunes • Articles Market volatility is always an opportunity for the companies that are better positioned

What are the last M&A trends and investors' expectations in Spain?

17 May 2023 • Board Agenda • Articles ESG: Should E and S break up with G?

David Risser, Managing Director, makes the case for "G" to break up with "E" and "S" in this article published in Board Agenda

25 Apr 2023 • El Pais • Articles A pebble in the shoe of Ibex board members

Read about the latest developments in Ibex companies and see how shareholder activism influences corporate decision-making.

17 Apr 2023 • Cinco Días • Interviews Investors are increasing their interest in governance

Read the interview with Christian Sealey, CEO - International at Morrow Sodali

06 Apr 2023 • Sustainable Investment • Articles Social capital: Measuring what matters

Alison Owers, Head of UK, and Jana Jevcakova, Head of ESG, share their views on how to measure what matters when it comes to social capital

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