04 Nov 2019 • Morrow Sodali • Press Releases Morrow Sodali and SWIPRA Services enter collaboration for corporate governance and engagement services in Switzerland

Morrow Sodali announced the formation of a partnership with SWIPRA Services AG.

04 Nov 2019 • Listed @ ASX • Articles Getting ready to enter an index

Entry into an ASX index  is a milestone in a listed company’s life, bringing additional investor interest and scrutiny.

03 Nov 2019 • El País Negocios • Articles An Emissary to Convince Shareholders

Borja Miranda, Managing Director at Morrow Sodali, was interview by the business supplement of Spanish newspaper El País, El País Negocios.

30 Oct 2019 • Australian Financial Review • Articles Morrow Sodali kicks off Cromwell Property pitch

Cromwell has hired the big gun of the local proxy solicitation scene, Morrow Sodali...

21 Oct 2019 • Maria Leftakis • Interviews The Deal interview with Maria Leftakis - The Rise of Shareholder Activism in Australia

The rise of shareholder activism in Australia

10 Oct 2019 • Harvard Business Review France • Articles A quoi sert la « raison d’être » dans les entreprises ?

Les entreprises peuvent désormais intégrer dans leurs statuts « une raison d’être ». 

08 Oct 2019 • La Repubblica • Articles Activist investors expand globally, but not in Piazza Affari, due to bureaucracy and stagnation

2019 operations are stable compared to the past, but raids on Italian listed companies are only a couple.

07 Oct 2019 • Morrow Sodali • Articles Di Costa Partners Welcomes Nicholas Nichols as Managing Director

Di Costa Partners, a strategic advisory and proxy solicitation company focused exclusively on registered funds

07 Oct 2019 • Activist Insight • Articles The weekly wrap

Wilcox spoke to Struta, Activist Insight, at the conference on shareholder activism and ESG

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