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21 February 2023 • Articles

Estrategias de Inversion

Diligent reveals an increase in U.S. companies subject to new activist campaigns in 2022

This article by Estrategias de Inversion discusses key findings from the recent report "Shareholder Activism Annual Review 2023" which has been published by Insightia, a Diligent brand company. Michael Verrechia, Managing Director of Morrow Sodali’s M&A and Activism Advisory Group is featured in the report in a Q+A entitled “Unlocking Value”, in which he discusses trends in shareholder activism including ESG components, the impact of universal proxy cards, and the evolution of M&A activism. The full report features knowledge from industry leaders on the status of shareholder activism in today's landscape, as well as how new tools and the current economic climate will impact shareholder activism in 2023. 

The report shows that last year the number of companies subjected to new activist campaigns increased by 10.6% in the U.S. and 6% globally. Thanks to the introduction of the universal proxy, the number of campaigns returned to pre-pandemic levels. 

The increased number of campaigns highlights the need for leaders to have a comprehensive 360-degree review of data within their organization in order to monitor and mitigate evolving risks. In fact, due to the poor performance of green stocks and soaring oil and gas prices, ESG campaigns that failed to make a convincing link between a company's financial performance and ESG credentials were doomed to fail.

Read more here (in Spanish).

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