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25 January 2023 • Articles

ESG Insights

Sustainability Governance Practices Of The 30 Largest Banks: ‘Greening Of The Book The Biggest Challenge’


ESG Governance

In this article, ESG Insight provides an analysis of our recently published Report ‘Governance of sustainability in the largest global banks: A study of the top 30 European and North American banks’. The Report examined the sustainability governance practices of the 30 largest European and North American banks.

Researchers at Morrow Sodali and Nestor Advisors - A Morrow Sodali Company, reviewed various publicly available documentation and also interviewed representatives from fifteen leading banks, including nine board chairs, other board members and senior executives. Interviewees shed light on different practices, and why banks chose to pursue them.

The resulting Report compares the banks across several data points and analyzes these findings against a double index of sustainability and financial performance.

Read the full article here. Click here to request a copy of the Report.

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