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03 February 2023 • Articles

El Economista

95% of European banks link 'bonuses' to ESG, compared to 60% of North American banks


ESG Governance

Investor scrutiny of governance issues has only increased in recent years. This article in the Spanish financial media El Economista shows how remuneration issues are the ones that attract the most attention, and also the ones that receive the most rejection at general shareholders' meetings. 

With regard to the financial sector, the article echoes findings from the recent Report prepared by Morrow Sodali and Nestor Advisors - a Morrow Sodali company, on the sustainability governance practices of the 30 largest European and North American banks. Among its conclusions, it highlights how 95% of European financial institutions already incorporate extra-financial factors in the variable remuneration of at least the CEO and top executives. However, in the case of North American banks, the percentage drops to 60%. The average for all of the 30 banks analyzed stands at 83%.

Read more here (in Spanish).

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