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30 November 2022 • Articles

La Infromacion

Activist investors fire on energy companies in the midst of rising prices in Spain

In Spain, the energy sector in Spain has been under the radar for activism to expand positions during 2022, according to a report recently released by Morrow Sodali.

In this article by La Información, Morrow Sodali's experts analyze the evolution of the Spanish stock market during this current year. As reported, the listed companies in the energy sector are the ones that have performed better. As a matter of fact, open positions would have increased by three, coinciding with the strong rise in the price of gas, oil or electricity, while all the rest of the listed companies in other sectors would have fallen.

“The energy sector is the one that has performed better. The presence of activist capital not only reflects low performance but also the opposite," explains Morrow Sodali which adds "having said that, it must be taken into account that, within the energy companies, there are the main emitters of CO2; perhaps this can attract the attention of activists focused on climate matters."

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