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New York

Joann Chya

Senior Director – Executive Compensation & Corporate Governance


Joann is Senior Director of the Corporate Governance Consulting Group at Morrow Sodali. With a strong focus on executive compensation, she brings diverse corporate governance experience and strategic insights blending both perspectives from a proxy advisor to large institutional investors lens to help issuers effectively manage a dynamically changing ESG environment. Prior to joining Morrow Sodali, she led executive compensation initiatives for 7 years at Fidelity’s Investment Proxy Research Team, supporting both asset managers and the ESG stewardship team in assessing incentive structures and voting decisions at US and Canadian portfolio companies. She was also the Governance Sector Lead for Technology and Communication Services and frequently engaged with boards and senior leadership on prevailing ESG matters and market trends.

Joann spent 12 years at the proxy advisory firm, ISS, in various roles before later joining the US Executive Compensation Team upon the emergence of the Say-On-Pay governance landscape. She was a key contributor on policy development, hosted investor roundtables, and helped develop several ISS keystone products and services. She later managed the ISS US Executive Compensation Team; a team primarily responsible for publishing compensation research analyses, pay-for-performance assessments, and advisory vote recommendations for issuers of all market capitalization. 

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