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Susan Choe

Senior Managing Director & Head of US Corporate Governance


Susan is Senior Managing Director & Head of US Corporate Governance at Morrow Sodali. She brings a depth of knowledge and an array of experience to help companies assess and strategically manage their corporate governance, executive compensation, ESG and shareholder engagement imperatives. She also advises companies on prevailing trends, market practices and overall investor climate on key emerging governance and compensation topics to help minimize the risk of shareholder activism.

Susan advises directors and senior leadership on shareholder and proxy advisory firm engagements and solicitation strategies, including leading mock sessions, providing guidance on key talking points and cultivating relationships with top institutions.

She works year-round with clients in preparing for annual and special meetings, leads the draft proxy review process, making critical recommendations to navigate the ever-changing institutional and proxy advisory firm policy landscape, with a keen focus on Say on Pay.

Prior to relocating to our London offices in the Fall of 2018, Susan was based in our New York City headquarters. Before joining the firm, Susan served as Director in the Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation Consulting Practice at Aon Hewitt. In that role, she advised primarily US-listed large market capitalization company boards and senior leadership on executive pay plans and associated governance matters, and at times, FTSE 100 companies on similar topics.

Her knowledge and experience in corporate governance began at the proxy advisory firm, ISS, where she served as a Lead Advisor of the ISS consulting arm, helping large public companies navigate the challenges of the proxy advisory firm’s policies; and prior, as a senior member of the ISS US Research Executive Compensation team. Earlier in her career, she served as an actuarial consultant in the Actuarial Risk Consulting and Management Practice at Aon plc in New York City.

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