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29 March 2021 • Articles


Sustainability integration in corporate governance models and corporate purpose

On March 17th, Morrow Sodali has participated to the Forética Transparency Cluster event which has promoted the integration of sustainability in the models of governance and corporate purpose. The business meeting held by the members of the Cluster has analysed business experiences articulating a corporate purpose.

This article published by Compromiso RSE reports the main takeaways from the event.

The Cluster of Transparency, Good Governance and Integrity, led by Forética and made up of 55 companies headed by Bankia, Grupo Cooperativo Cajamar, Cuatrecasas and Leroy Merlin, promotes the integration of ESG elements in governance models, as a key element for creating long-term value in companies and determines the importance of establishing a sustainable, clear and well-articulated business purpose as a fundamental way to generate a real positive return in all its stakeholders.

The Cluster addresses the current transition in corporate governance from three main axes: the articulation of the sustainable business purpose of the companies in a 'fake' world; the importance of 'due diligence' and fiduciary responsibility of organizations regarding sustainability aspects throughout the value chain; and finally, the new trends in reporting non-financial information along the way towards standardization.

Borja Miranda, Managing Director at Morrow Sodali, has analysed the business experiences of articulating a corporate purpose related to the creation of corporate value.

The Cluster of Transparency, Good Governance and Integrity is focused since 2016 on analysing issues such as value creation through governance and extra-financial management, ESG shareholder activism or sustainability competencies in the Boards of Directors .

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