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22 May 2024 • Press Releases

Morrow Sodali

Morrow Sodali Japan Enters Alliance with SMBC Nikko Securities and Nikko IR

New business alliance to support listed companies in Japan with tailored IR strategies and proactive shareholder engagement services

Morrow Sodali Japan G.K. (“MSJ”) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a business alliance with SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. ( "SMBC Nikko Securities") and Nikko Investor Relations Co., Ltd. ("Nikko IR") to support listed companies in Japan with shareholder engagement services.

Under the business alliance, MSJ and Nikko IR will combine their specialist expertise and knowledge of capital markets to provide the following range of IR advisory and shareholder engagement services:

  • Corporate Value Enhancement consulting
  • Governance and Sustainability consulting
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Shareholder Intelligence and Engagement
  • Investor Briefings and Video Distribution
  • Website consulting


Morrow Sodali Japan Managing Director, Dominic Henderson, said the alliance would leverage the collective strengths and capabilities of each of the firms, while providing access to Morrow Sodali’s global network and expertise in strategic communications, shareholder engagement, corporate governance and sustainability advisory.

“Both domestic and foreign investors are increasingly expecting Japanese companies to implement stronger measures to increase corporate value. As a result, proactive investor relations strategies and shareholder engagement are becoming more important than ever.

We were attracted by the opportunity to partner with such a well-established firm as SMBC Nikko Securities. In partnership together with Nikko IR, we can offer our clients a much broader, more coordinated and strategic approach to helping companies articulate their growth and value creation initiatives to their shareholders,” Mr Henderson said.

As the M&A landscape continues to evolve in Japan, SMBC Nikko Securities and MSJ will also consider collaboration in the areas of M&A and shareholder engagement advisory. 

About SMBC Nikko Securities and Nikko IR
SMBC Nikko Securities (led by: President & CEO, Shuji Yoshioka) is a top-tier Japanese securities company and investment bank and is part of the SMBC Group. As the investor relations (IR) consulting firm of the SMBC Nikko Securities Group, Nikko IR provides IR and shareholder relations (SR) consulting services to Japanese companies to optimize their communications with both institutional and retail investors. Nikko IR is led by President & CEO Kayo Nakamura.

About Morrow Sodali
MSJ is a Japanese subsidiary of Morrow Sodali Global LLC which provides boards of directors and executives with strategic advice and services relating to investor engagement, corporate governance and sustainability, mergers & acquisitions and shareholder activism, strategic communications, investor relations and bespoke market research. Morrow Sodali operates in 70 markets worldwide with offices in 17 locations. The firm has extensive relationships with institutional investors across the globe and is regularly ranked No.1 in Global M&A and Global Activism Advisor categories.

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