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07 March 2022 • Articles

La Informacion

Shareholder activism in 2022 in the Spanish market: Climate change, diversity and remuneration

Shareholders' activism will be characterized in the 2022 Spanish AGMs by emphasizing diversity in boards and management, climate change and energy transition, in addition to board remuneration.

With 173 campaigns initiated over the past year, the capital deployed by investors has increased by 2,000 million dollars in year-on-year terms to 42,000 million.

In this podcast interview with Digital Spanish Media "La Información", Eduardo Sancho, Manager - Corporate Governance at Morrow Sodali, analyzes new activist campaigns launched in the United States which have increased 14% year-on-year. U.S. shareholders' activism represents more than half of worldwide activism (up from 45% in 2020) and 49% of deployed capital but remains below historic levels due to increased activity in Europe.

Read more here  (in Spanish).

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