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23 April 2024 • Articles

IR Society

The ‘pros’ of proactive proxy engagement

In this article, published by Informed, the IR Society quarterly journal, Alison Owers, a Senior Managing Director at Morrow Sodali, discusses the growing trend of proactive engagement in the investor relations industry, particularly with proxy advisors.

Understanding the level of influence that proxy advisors have on a company’s shareholder base is crucial, as is dedicating time to building relationships with them. Owers emphasizes that meetings with proxy advisors can provide valuable insights and information, allowing companies to better understand how they are perceived in the market and identify potential issues and risks during proxy season. She also notes the importance of learning about policy changes and proxy advisors' current focus areas.

Owers advises companies to pick the right time for engagement and to consider engaging with proxy advisors outside of the AGM season to strengthen relationships further. Engaging with proxy advisors outside of the AGM season allows companies to strengthen their relationships with them and gain a clearer understanding of their policies and focus areas. It also provides an opportunity to exchange information and build trust, ultimately improving shareholder engagement efforts.

Companies can determine the level of influence by analyzing voting patterns and conducting interviews with investors. It’s also important to understand which proxy advisors are most influential among the shareholder base.

Read the full article here (accessible to IR Society members only). 


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