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UK ESG Advisory Services

With a 50 year track record of successfully advising board members and executives, Morrow Sodali has been providing UK companies with bespoke counsel to reinforce and reassure on governance best practice. Serving approximately 1,000 corporate clients in over 80 countries, we bring a global, independent and co-ordinated perspective to help UK listed companies get ahead of emerging stakeholder priorities.


ESG has moved from the margin to the mainstream, and we understand its importance to your business. We are adept at aligning your reporting and disclosures with industry-leading frameworks, helping companies address all stakeholders effectively to set out and report against long term goals.

Our dedicated team can help you measure, track and report your company’s efforts in these fields with clarity and detail. We have extensive experience in reporting environmental work against the most stringent stakeholder demands and are well versed in global governance. We also know that social impact is fast assuming the same risk profile as environmental issues in the boardroom, and our team’s unique experience can help you navigate this fast-paced field with confidence.

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Beneficial Ownership Analysis

We conduct detailed analysis to help you identify beneficial owners and understand their preferred ESG initiatives and frameworks in order to create a strategy which satisfies all stakeholders.

ESG Engagement

We help companies develop investor communications strategies to meet market demands, improve reputational profiles and convey ESG strategies and successes clearly.

Investor ESG Trends & Sensitivities

We review the share register to identify proxy advisor dependencies and offer an insight into investment mandates, voting behaviours and engagement priorities which we use to develop a holistic engagement strategy.

ESG Vulnerability Assessment & Risk Management

By evaluating shareholders’ approaches to ESG-related issues and shareholder proposals, we identify vulnerabilities. Benchmarking performance against peers, we draft new risk policies to align with best practice legal and regulatory expectations.

Governance of Sustainability

We assess readiness to meet sustainability challenges, defining ESG targets and integrating ESG risk into your business strategy.

ESG Maturity Assessment

We conduct detailed assessments to help you understand where you are in your ESG journey, developing a heatmap and framework to guide companies towards long-term ESG objectives.

ESG Implementation

We create or revise ESG-related policies and frameworks, implementing them to align with industry best-practice and your business’ needs and ESG goals.

ESG Training

We deliver bespoke interactive workshops to equip boards, investor relations teams and sustainability officers with the up-to-date ESG knowledge required to achieve your company’s ESG goals and strategy.

ESG Activist Monitoring & Response Programme

We monitor the activity and communications of ESG activists, creating a strategy to minimize risk, creating constructive response plans to engage effectively with external shareholders on ESG topics.

Board ESG Readiness

We review a board’s ability to lead a company through its ESG commitments and reporting to meet stakeholder and regulator demands.

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