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10 November 2020 • Articles

Morrow Sodali

A new approach to investor engagement

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Morrow Sodali (APAC) and Designate, a leading corporate investor brand and investor communications agency. Our APAC customers are at the very heart of the rationale for this strategic partnership which brings together almost 60 years of investor intelligence, engagement, corporate governance and communications experience.

Against the backdrop of COVID and following intense commentary on board stewardship, accountability and corporate culture, we recognise real desire from our clients to find a new way to deliver better outcomes, to communicate and engage more holistically and at deeper levels with their stakeholders. With an aligned client base, the goal of this new partnership is to help companies thrive in this environment by meeting the expectations of their key stakeholders.

The result? A seamless experience, where strategy, brand and communications decisions are informed by deep market and investor intelligence and effective shareholder engagement. Together with Designate, we're helping companies create meaningful and lasting engagement with investors and other stakeholders, creating a seamless annual cycle engagement and reporting approach that's not available anywhere else in APAC.

“Together, we bring together almost 60 years of experience and all the creative thinking and market and investor insight that companies need to engage effectively with shareholders and maximise support for a board’s recommendations.’’
- Christian Sealey, CEO (APAC) of Morrow Sodali

Several recent high-profile incidents have demonstrated the rising risks for companies that fail to adopt ESG, strong corporate governance and considered shareholder engagement. This new partnership is about ensuring that nothing is lost in translation; from ESG consulting through to shareholder intelligence, stakeholder engagement, and wider branding and communications.

Hear from Morrow Sodali's CEO (APAC) Christian Sealey, and Designate's MD Ben Fletcher, about the value of this partnership for our clients.

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