05 Oct 2020 • Corriere della Sera • Articles MORROW SODALI appoints new EMEA Chairman

Moroello Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini to replace John Wilcox as EMEA Chairman

16 Mar 2020 • Morrow Sodali • Articles Morrow Sodali appoints new APAC CEO

Morrow Sodali, the world’s leading governance and shareholder engagement consultancy, has today announced the appointment of Christian Sealey as CEO APAC

08 Apr 2017 • Nomine di primavera - Milano Finanza, Italy • Articles Boards' renewals: minority shareholders ask for increased transparency in the list composition's mechanism

"Minority shareholders expect an increased transparency in lists composition mechanism and in communication between shareholders and outgoing board members

13 Mar 2017 • Tesoro, attento alle nomine. I fondi pesano come te - L'Economia, Italy • Articles Boards' renewals: international funds and the Ministry of Finance have now the same weight

"Similarly to other shareholders, the Ministry of Finance is undoubtedly aware that funds' weight requires a greater adherence to&n

27 Feb 2017 • Piazza Affari, quando i fondi alzano la voce - MAG, Italy • Articles Boards' renewals: increased participation of minority shareholders is the new trend

Following lastest boards' renewals in which minority shareholders' participation has been increasingly decisive, Andrea Di Segni, Morrow Sodali Man

09 Feb 2017 • Banche, così l'instabilità allontana i soci stabili, Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy • Articles Italian Banks: market instability has reduced the weight of core shareholders

“Best practices in governance, from compensation policies to procedures for nominating directors, are critical components for shareholder stability. 

22 Jan 2017 • Alerion, la dura battaglia per l’energia eolica tra francesi, italiani e altoatesini - Business Insider, Italy • Articles Morrow Sodali acts as proxy solicitor in Alerion Clean Power Extraordinary General Meeting

Morrow Sodali will act as proxy solicitor in Alerion Clean Power EGM: main item on the agenda is the Board renewal (source: Business Insider)

21 Nov 2016 • Client Memorandum 2017 - John Wilcox, Morrow Sodali • Articles A new role for the annual Board Evaluation

The #1 governance issue in today’s markets is board effectiveness and accountability.  Shareholders under the influence of activists, proxy advisors

05 Oct 2016 • Referendum, investitori e inchieste è già partita la battaglia delle nomine, Repubblica Affari & Finanza - Italy • Articles Italian referendum on constitutional reform and expiring Board of Directors

Not only the Italian banks are anxiously waiting for the referendum on constitutional reform to see if Unicredit, MPS, Vicentina and Veneto

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