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17 September 2016 • Articles

I’m alright, Jack: worker representation on boards, Compliance Week - UK

Worker representation on UK boards

Reza Eftekhari, from Morrow Sodali, comments on worker representation on Boards on Compliance Week: "We’ve been speaking with a number of public companies in the United Kingdom about worker representation,” Eftekhari said, “and while in most cases it was not a topic being discussed internally, it is certainly on the agenda for the future. But many questions remain as to how it will be implemented. If it becomes subject to regulation, it is possible that you will see companies proactively introduce a representative prior to the law being introduced, as we witnessed with the mandatory vote on remuneration policy. We also need to see what will be the opinion of major institutional investors and their proxy advisers. We don’t know at this stage what support there is for this idea in this community.”

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