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22 March 2024 • Articles

El Pais

Taking it to the board: how workers got Starbucks to the negotiating table.

This month Starbucks and its unionizing workers set an example that could rewrite the template for how employment serves workers in America by agreeing to sit down at a table together and work out a national deal. After over two years of protests, it was a shareholder activist manoeuvre that made this possible.

“Small investors are beginning to emerge, who are not activists by nature, but who believe that some company practices need to change,” says Borja Miranda, Managing Director at Morrow Sodali in this interview with El Pais.

He also observes that of the almost 2,000 known activist campaigns worldwide in the last year, the vast majority have been related to governance, environmental policies and social issues, aiming “to safeguard the value chain of companies and preserve their prestige.”

Read the full article here (in Spanish)





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