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27 May 2021 • Articles

Cinco Días

Investors demand accountability for climate change impacts on business

The importance of sustainability and the environment is growing in society and these concerns are being addressed by the business world.

This was one of the main conclusions the Spanish newspaper Cinco Días drew from Morrow Sodali's "Institutional Investor Survey 2021", the annual poll of over 40 institutional investors with $29 trillion in managed assets. It also reveals the Survey’s finding that 61% of respondents expect an improvement in the disclosures of companies to show transparently the link between climate change and financial results.

In addition, investors believe that between 5% and 25% of the incentives of executives should be linked to sustainability measures implemented by the companies.

The Survey also reports on the impact that ESG issues have on executive remuneration, as well as the implications for post-pandemic dividend policies. In this regard, 74% of the respondents consider it inappropriate to pay dividends to shareholders if companies face liquidity concerns and 40% of investors feel dividends should not be paid if a company has made significant layoffs.

Read the full article here (in Spanish).

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