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09 March 2020 • Articles

Cinco Días

Companies shield themselves from rebel investors with new advisors

Investors are playing an increasingly active role in their relationship with corporates.

In an article published in Cinco Días, Borja Miranda, Managing Director at Morrow Sodali, points out that even though their role used to be more separated from the management of companies, "investors are now more present, they want to exercise their rights as shareholders."

"Since the financial crisis, the mentality of investors has changed: they are willing to sacrifice some profitability and there are greater demands in terms of corporate governance or regarding more social or environmental aspects," he added.

The article highlights that Spanish investors have traditionally been less active towards corporates than foreign ones, although this has recently started to change. It outlines how proxy solicitors are leading the way in advising companies early on, with Borja Miranda commenting: "We are like a long-term advisor to companies."

Read more (in Spanish only): here

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