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08 October 2019 • Articles

La Repubblica

Activist investors expand globally, but not in Piazza Affari, due to bureaucracy and stagnation

2019 operations are stable compared to the past, but raids on Italian listed companies are only a couple. The battles of the future will be made on sustainability and remuneration.

The global economy slowdown does not slow down the incursions of "activist" investors, those who take positions in listed companies, trying to change their management to gain on the shares’ upside. Globally, the companies scolded by these professionals since January have been 703, less than the 800 of the first nine months of 2018 (record year), but on par with the previous three years; and with a focus shifting East that confirms Asia, and especially Japan, as the new frontier of this billionaire niche.
“The non-financial dimension is clearly one of the criteria that will drive activist activities in the coming years,” comments Fabio Bianconi, Morrow Sodali director, “also as a tool capable of gaining wide consensus among the various stakeholder categories.”

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