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10 Feb 2022


Markets and Governance: What will the future bring

ESG Governance

Morrow Sodali, in partnership with AEM (Portuguese Issuers Association) and Nestor Advisors, held a webinar on 10 February  to explore the opportunities and concerns created by the new ESG and Sustainability frameworks, as well as the main trends that will shape the future of investment and corporate governance.

Borja Miranda, Managing Director at Morrow Sodali, and Stilpon Nestor, Executive Chairman at Nestor Advisors and Morrow Sodali, joined the panel of experts in this interesting discussion on ESG, investment, and governance.

Borja took part in the first panel, "What is changing in investor expectations". This panel explored how ESG impacts corporate governance and behavior, the various approaches of investors to ESG practices, and the evolution of universal standards of ESG reporting. Stilpon participated in the second panel, "How are company boards changing". This panel considered the changing dynamics and main challenges facing European boards.

The discussion revealed how boards and senior management are organizing themselves to meet ESG and digitalization challenges, board composition and skills, and how board work should be structured and planned in the future. Participants gained new insight into the opportunities and concerns raised from the new ESG and sustainability framework, and about the trends that will shape the future of investment and governance.

Click here to view the recording.

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