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26 April 2021 • Articles

L'Economia-Il Corriere della Sera

The “ESG” shareholder takes the floor at the AGM season in Italy

In an article published in L’Economia-Il Corriere della Sera, Andrea Di Segni Morrow Sodali’s Managing Director, comments about the current proxy season, resulting in a very important test for the companies and their sustainable commitment, being challenged by the 3 elements of ESG that are paving the way to redefine the current economic models worldwide.

The role of Proxy Solicitor is essential to help the companies engage with fund managers, identify the right information as well as create a common ground for discussion between companies and investors.

“The companies are taking the change seriously and consequently are producing very complex reports,” remarks Di Segni, “but as long as the sustainability report is not submitted to the vote, investors will struggle to assess whether a performance target is achievable, measurable and relevant for a company or another.”

Read the full article here (in Italian).

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