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13 May 2015 • Articles

Les Echos, France

Salaires des patrons : l’Europe prête à durcir les règles

Discussing on the revision of the European directive on shareholder rights, the need to disclose the identification of shareholders holding more than 0.5 % of the capital to all the security holders that ask for it is likely to cause an outcry . " Such a measure is amazing for a text that promotes long-term shareholding, commented Louis Barbier, Sodali Responsible in France, in an article on Les Echos . For activists , this information would be a fatal weapon. Today, they do not know exactly who the owners of capital are. If they were to have this information they could use or misuse it, and the same could do a potential initiator of a public offering ." The risk for the text of the directive is to lose sight of its primary objectives consisting of the incentive for long-term share ownership.

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