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17 April 2023 • Interviews

Cinco Días

Investors are increasing their interest in governance

Activism is catching on among companies and investors. "The times of investing in a company and looking only for an extraordinary dividend distribution or share buyback are over. Now investors are looking at governance issues and whether there are any shortcomings from an ESG perspective, and then trying to extract value," says Christian Sealey, CEO - International of Morrow Sodali, in an interview in the Spanish economic media, Cinco Días.

He also points out that in recent years there has been an awakening of investors, and that beyond extraordinary dividends, they are paying more attention to the governance of the companies they invest in. Gender diversity on boards, board independence, and the alignment between remuneration and performance are key issues for most investors.

“In many markets where we work, we see an increasing desire by investors to see more information about what an executive or a manager has done to achieve certain key performance indicators, whether short term or long term,” added Christian.

Institutional investors and minority shareholders are expected to have a stronger voice to make sure that they are investing in sustainable businesses and creating a sustainable future for all.

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