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31 May 2023 • Articles

NextStep Magazine

Corporate governance: How to reconcile


ESG Governance

How can sustainability be reconciled with profitability? This is the question at the heart of this roundtable interview, published in NextStep Magazine, featuring Stanislas de Laporte, Director – France at Morrow Sodali. The article explores how corporate governance and sustainability can boost profitability. Despite the challenges brought by the pandemic, companies are now prioritizing climate transition. Sustainability is key to long-term value, risk mitigation, cost reduction, and attracting top talent and investment.

Stan is joined by leading industry experts, including Fanny Letier, Carol Xueref and Patrick Bertrand. They delve into the significance of sustainability, highlighting its importance in business strategies and the need for innovation. The participants also discuss the role of governance in ensuring long-term sustainability, particularly for family-owned and employee-owned businesses.

The participants also address the challenges of balancing sustainability and profitability, noting that companies that fail to incorporate sustainability may face difficulties in financing, talent acquisition, and customer loyalty. They emphasize the importance of commitment to sustainability as a driver of success in the modern business landscape.

The article provides insights into the relationship between corporate governance, sustainability, and profitability, emphasizing the need for companies to embrace sustainability as a strategic imperative.

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