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03 November 2017 • Articles

Il cambiamento climatico bussa alle porte delle società quotate - Formiche, Italy

Climate change knocks on issuers' doors

During the past AGM season, few companies especially in US and UK, received proposals from their shareholders related to climate change issues, generally aiming at increasing disclosure on the possible impact of climate change on the companies' business.

Moreover, contrary to what has been observed in the past, proposals have received support from the majority of investors in large companies.

The positive result is due to a different approach to the matter of big investors such as Blackrock, Vanguard and Fidelity who in the recent past had always abstained on these proposals.

In its 2017-2018 engagement priorities Blackrock stated: "Systemic disclosure standards would enhance understanding of the impact of climate change on individual companies, sectors and investment strategies,” commented Francesco Surace of Morrow Sodali on Formiche.

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