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21 July 2016 • Articles


Capital Group, Nasdaq, and Sodali discuss the Swiss market

Sodali together with Capital Group and Nasdaq will hold a complimentary webinar on Tuesday, July 26 at 3 pm CEST to discuss the Swiss market. The webinar aims to provide Swiss companies actionable recommendation to help them better prioritize their governance initiatives and shareholder engagement going forward.

Instead of the traditional town-meeting business forum, the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) has morphed into a jousting field where activists, proxy advisors and various special interest groups play a dominant role. Moreover, the governance debate now tends to spill over from the AGM to become a continuous point of discussion, sometimes leading to a public fall-out between the parties involved.

Whilst the debate itself is considered to be beneficial in ensuring efficiency within the global marketplace, there is the risk of losing focus. It overlooks a basic presumption about the relationship of companies and investors: businesses create economic value, while investors observe the process from an external perspective. As such, in its essence, the AGM should be a board-centric event that brings control back into the company, while giving shareholders greater boardroom transparency and director accountability. 

In the Back to Basics webinar, we will provide key insights on the following topics:

·         Who is “buying in” and who is “selling out” of the Swiss market?

·         How does the increasing diversity of investor types impact your company?

·         How do long-term institutional investors evaluate your company from a non-financial perspective?

·         When is the best time for you to engage with your shareholders? And, who should participate in the engagement exercise?

·         How can companies take more control of the governance debate?

·         Is executive compensation the main area of concern for shareholders?

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