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18 January 2017 • Articles

Morrow Sodali

Back to Basics. Strategic governance initiatives to meet investors’ expectations

AERI is hosting together with Morrow Sodali, the leading corporate governance and institutional investor relations consultancy, and Nasdaq the complimentary webinar "Back to Basics. Strategic governance initiatives to meet investors’ expectations" on Thursday, 26 January 2017, at 12:30 PM (CET)

In the Back to Basics webinar, we will provide key insights on the following topics:
• How does the increasing diversity of investor types impact your company?
• How do long-term institutional investors evaluate your company from a non-financial perspective?
• When is the best time for you to engage with your shareholders? Who should participate in the engagement exercise?
• How can companies take more control of the governance debate?
• Is executive compensation the main area of concern for shareholders?

The contents of the webinar may be of interest to Investor Relations Department, Corporate Governance, General Secretary and Legal Department.

Please register here for the webinar.

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