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13 Feb 2012

Survey: Ownership Disclosure by Institutional Investors

Institutional investors face increasing pressure from issuers and regulators to be more transparent about their stock ownership and share voting. Sodali ha...
31 Jan 2012

Interim Proposal Concerning Revision of Companies Act

Sodali joined with J-Eurus IR Company, Ltd., Tokyo, in a letter to Japan's Ministry of Justice commenting on proposed revisions to the Companies Act....
04 Nov 2011

Client Memorandum 2012

For the fourth year in a row, we are proud to send to you Sodali's annual Client Memo, discussing trends in corporate governance and the outlook for the...
01 Jul 2011

Comply and Explain: Should Directors have a Duty to Inform?

John Wilcox’s article argues that the directors of publicly held companies have the duty to explain to shareholders how the board is exercising busines...
01 Mar 2011

L'Esercizio di voto in Assemblea: strumenti per favorire la partecipazione dell'investitore nella legislazione USA

The article, co-authored by Veronica Vari, provides a useful suimmary of the main features of the proxy system and the exercise of shareholder rights at Gene...