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25 Feb 2021

Webinar: Challenges for State Companies in 2021 Brazilian AGM Season

IBRI - Brazilian Institute of Investor Relations and Morrow Sodali invite you to join a webinar on the upcoming Brazilian’s AGM Season 2021, on Thursday, February 25th, 2020 at 6:30 pm (Brazil standard time).

Join Angela Airoldi (Investor Relations at Sabesp), Bernardo Fabião (Investor Relations at Petrobras), João Pedro Nascimento (Partner at JPN Lawers and author of the bestseller “Digital Assemblies and Others Reflexes of Technologies in the S / A Assemblies”) and Agnes Blanco Querido, Morow Sodali Brazil’s Director, for a discussion on the next 2021 AGM and the challenges that State Companies will have to face in Brazil.

This is part of the launch of “Step-by-Step for Shareholders' Meetings.”

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