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20 Apr 2023


The role of the board in M&A transactions

Mergers and acquisitions can take many forms, but whether you're a member of a board of an entity making an acquisition, or of one being acquired, you'll have a key role to play in protecting the interests of all of your company’s stakeholders.

Join Morrow Sodali's Charles Nelson, Managing Director – Business Development - UK, who will be a panelist in this interesting discussion on the role of board members in M&A transactions. The panel will be moderated by Pippa Dale, Director, LSEG and will also feature Jay Shaw, Chief Executive Officer, Praxonomy and Patrick Skinner, General Manager (UK & Europe), Atticus.

Topics for discussion include:

  • The importance of understanding the transaction and its implications for your shareholders and stakeholders
  • Reviewing pre-M&A due diligence issues and canvassing expert advice
  • The board’s role in approving the transaction and the terms
  • Ensuring the transaction is documented properly

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