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20 Dec 2023 to 20 Dec 2023

Software for Measuring ESG Performance


Join Harry Etra, Managing Director, HXE Partners in the next session of Duane Morris' webinar series.

Among the nonfinancial criteria businesses must increasingly consider to stay relevant to their employees, customers, investors and boards is ESG―or Environmental, Social and Governance. Beyond making smart business sense, ESG initiatives can help drive efficiency, increase customer and employee engagement and involve constituents in decisions that will likely affect critical ecological and social improvements. In today’s business environment, investors and money managers want to know that a company does more than just turn a profit; indeed, having a positive (or less negative) impact on the world at large is now often a metric used to gauge the long-term health and viability of a commercial enterprise. Investments in real estate and development are now being evaluated for ESG and sustainability by and for players in capital markets. While focusing on what actions to take toward ESG goals is just the first step, finding ways to measure success provides its own unique challenges. We’ll discuss how technology―specifically software programs―can be used to track performance and extract data to show how your efforts measure up.

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