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19 Feb 2024

Steigenberger Icon, Frankfurt am Main

IVOX Glass Lewis Symposium

The IVOX Glass Lewis Symposium on February 19, 2024, at the Steigenberger Icon in Frankfurt am Main serves as a vital forum for in-depth discussions encompassing various critical aspects of corporate governance. From the unveiling of the Glass Lewis Policy 2024 to exploring the intricacies of ad hoc communication and variable compensation for board members, the symposium promises robust exchanges on pivotal industry topics.

During this gathering, Andrea Bischoff, Managing Director at Morrow Sodali, will lead one of the sessions as a moderator, guiding insightful conversations alongside a distinguished panel of industry experts.

Through active participation, Morrow Sodali reaffirms its commitment to advancing corporate governance practices and facilitating meaningful exchanges within the industry.

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