22 Jan 2011 • Kefalaio • Articles Forget companies as you know them

John Wilcox outlines the changes the EU Directive brings to Shareholder Rights.

08 Jan 2011 • Capital Abierto • Articles Cuidado com eles

The article describes the influence of Proxy Advisors in the Brazilian markets during the AGM 2011 season and highlights high profile cases in which negative

08 Jan 2011 • Edward Rock • Articles Shareholder Eugenics in the Public Corporation

In a world of active, empowered shareholders, the match between shareholders and public corporations potentially affects firm value. This Article examines th

06 Jan 2011 • Capital Abierto • Articles Hora de se explicar

The article describes how the lack of details on the disclosure of remuneration topics in the companies meetings’ agendas during the AGM 2011 season ha

31 Dec 2010 • IR Global Rankings • Articles Launch of the 2011 IR Global Rankings

20 Dec 2010 • Financial Times • Articles Poor governance now seen linked to inferior returns

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01 Dec 2010 • Revista RI • Articles SBG Sodali Better Governance

In response to new rules and governance trends in Brazil, Better Governance and Sodali announced today the formation of a partnership that will provide Brazi

10 Nov 2010 • Curtis, Mallet-Prevost, Colt & Mosle • Articles L'inadempimento dei patti parasociali in società non quotate: quale tutela?

01 Nov 2010 • Capital Abierto • Articles Pedalando mais e sempre

In this report, Sandra Guerra, partner and founder of Better Governance, explains her experience as a pioneer of the corporate governance movement in Brazil

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