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30 June 2023 • Articles

Morrow Sodali

Nestor Advisors Announce Name Change: Embracing a new era with an unwavering commitment to independent advice on governance and sustainability

London, 30 June 2023 - Nestor Advisors, a leading advisory firm specializing in corporate governance, today announced that it will now operate as the Board & Governance practice of Morrow Sodali. This name change marks the completion of its full integration with its parent company after a two-year transition period.

With an expanded suite of offerings, the Board & Governance practice aims to support clients in achieving best practices in corporate governance, sustainability, and board effectiveness. Existing and future clients will continue to receive the same tailored and high-quality service without any impact from the transition. Our scope of clients remains unchanged, and we will continue to advise private and listed companies, state-owned enterprises, states, impact private equities, development finance institutions, and international NGOs on governance, board effectiveness, organizational design, research, and policies.

The rebranding aligns with Morrow Sodali's strategic vision of expanding its global footprint and positioning itself as the leading full-service advisory that brings together all the expertise, information, technology, and resources companies need to engage effectively with shareholders and other stakeholders and maximize support for their business initiatives.

The Board & Governance practice will lead the way in delivering innovative solutions that empower boards and management teams, support effective decision-making to foster sustainable growth and drive long-term value creation.

“We are confident that this name change will enable us to expand our global reach and offer enriched services and unmatched insights for the benefit of boards and decision-makers,” said David Risser, Managing Director of the Board & Governance practice at Morrow Sodali. “This milestone provides the team with new resources and the tools, data, ESG expertise, and shareholder knowledge long developed at Morrow Sodali to better serve our clients. We will continue to stay true to our core principles of delivering independent advice and high-quality advisory services that we are known for with an unwavering commitment to our clients.”

“By leveraging the exceptional expertise and reputation of Nestor Advisors, we can further bolster our ability to provide governance and board solutions to our global client base,” commented Christian Sealey, CEO, International. “This strategic move strengthens our position as a trusted partner in helping companies navigate the complexities of corporate governance and aligns with Morrow Sodali’s corporate vision of building one united brand.”

Morrow Sodali empowers companies to navigate the complex landscape of corporate governance, engage with stakeholders, and embrace sustainable practices to drive long-term value creation. With their comprehensive suite of services and global reach, they continue to be a leading force in shaping the future of shareholder engagement, ESG, and corporate governance worldwide.

About Morrow Sodali:

Morrow Sodali is a leading provider of strategic advice and shareholder services to corporate clients around the world. The firm provides corporate boards and executives with strategic advice and services relating to corporate governance and ESG, shareholder and bondholder communication and engagement, capital markets intelligence, proxy solicitation, shareholder activism and mergers and acquisitions.

From headquarters in New York and London, and offices and partners in major capital markets, Morrow Sodali serves more than 1,000 clients in 80+ countries, including many of the world’s largest multinational corporations. In addition to listed and private companies, its clients include financial institutions, mutual funds, ETFs, stock exchanges and membership associations.

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