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19 May 2023 • Articles

El Nuevo Lunes

Market volatility is always an opportunity for the companies that are better positioned

"We come from years of tremendous growth in the M&A market, not only in Spain but also worldwide," says Rodrigo Rodríguez, Account Manager at Morrow Sodali, in an interview with El Nuevo Lunes. "In the context of low-interest rates and unprecedented liquidity, corporations, especially private equity firms, have been highly active."

Rodrigo Rodríguez emphasizes that volatility has always presented opportunities for those best positioned in the market, as evidenced by recent developments in the banking industry. “The big venture capital funds have significant financial resources and are expected to make short-term investments, therefore, we expect more activity in the second half of the year, once the economic uncertainty of the past few months subsides,” comments Rodriguez.

Rodríguez highlights that board composition, remuneration, gender diversity and sustainability have gained importance in recent years, and will continue to be pressing concerns for investors. "In the near future, we are likely to witness a steady increase in shareholder activism," adds Rodrigo Rodríguez. Listed companies should focus on enhancing shareholder value and aligning themselves with the market's best practices in corporate governance and sustainability, as these elements are mutually dependent.

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