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01 Mar 2010

Temporada de Assembléias 2010 - Um ano de desafios para a governança no Brasil

John Wilcox and Andrea Di Segni expand on the impact on Brazilian Meetings of the newlly issued CVM Instructions 480 and 481. Practical recommendations to is...
01 Feb 2010

A temporada das Assembléias Anuais em 2010 - Um ponto de inflexao na evoluçao da governança corporativa

The "Revista RI" hosts the "Sodali 2010 Client Memo". As for every season, Sodali provides its Clients with a framework for managing succ...
01 Feb 2010

Italy's 'Vote by Slate' - an innovative method to elect minority directors

In this article published in the ICGN 2009 Yearbook, John Wilcox, Andrea Di Segni and Matteo Erede explain the main features of the Italian vote by slate...
01 Jan 2010

Strategic Governance Issues for the 2010 Proxy Season

John Wilcox authors the new Director Notes release, entitled "From Compliance Governance to Strategic Governance" and discusses a basic framework t...
21 Sep 2009

Conference Board Task force on Executive Compensation

The Task Force provided guiding principles for companies to demonstrate real commitment to best practices in executive compensation and take action to restor...