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24 Nov 2014

Foreign Ownership in Danish Shares - Consequences for the Listed Companies?

Since January 2014 the foreign ownership in Danish listed companies has passed beyond the milestone of 50%, reaching nearly 53% in October 2014. Wh...
10 Oct 2014

Sodali 2015 Client Memorandum

In 2015 shareholders will be pushing for an answer to the most basic governance question: “How effective is the board of directors?” In this...
06 Oct 2014

Findings of the 2014 Proxy season in France and what to expect in 2015

The French Sodali team has analyzed the 2014 Proxy Season and offers its findings in this short memo. The introduction of the Say on Pay, in accordance with...
30 Sep 2014

Sodali European Commission package 2014

Corporate governance is an issue high on the agenda in Europe. The European Commission has in the past year released several proposals, rules and recomme...
07 Aug 2014

The Corporate Governance of Sovereign Wealth Funds

Among the most recent and interesting entrants on the activist scene have been the Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs), particularly from Asia and Middle East. Alt...
20 May 2014

Lukoil - Educational Letter for AGM Voting in Russia for Investors

New proxy voting regulations regarding beneficial owner disclosure requirements in the Russian market...