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04 October 2023


Sustainable Business Strategies and Reporting Excellence

Welcome to Morrow Sodali's Lighthouse Magazine, our quarterly publication providing insights into shareholder engagement, corporate governance, research, communications, M&A, IR and ESG. 
In this edition, Morrow Sodali's Senior Managing Director, Corporate Governance & Sustainability APAC, Justin Grogan, describes how a Voting Power and ESG Influence Analysis can help boards and management to understand the behaviour of their investors. 
We explore the regulatory crackdown on greenwashing by ASIC and the ACCC, emphasise the importance of accurate sustainability reporting and highlight how the new IFRS standards will integrate ESG data into company disclosures. 
Delving deep into the impact of the TNFD's new framework, we look at its links to the TCFD, and Morrow Sodali's role in helping facilitate transparency and engagement. As we recap the FY23 reporting season, we uncover some trends, surprises, and market dynamics, including the resilience of consumers and small cap companies in the post-reporting season. We also provide some valuable insights into crisis planning and communication as regulators increasingly focus on cyber resilience and operational risk management practices. 

At a glance

  1. Uncovering the ESG Sensitivities within a Company's Register
    Justin Grogan, Senior Managing Director at Morrow Sodali, highlights how Voting Power and ESG Influence Analysis assist boards and management in understanding investor behaviours and optimising disclosures.
  2. Greenwashing - The Risks and Regulations You Should Know About
    Learn about the regulatory crackdown by ASIC and ACCC on greenwashing, the importance of accurate sustainability reporting, and the integration of ESG into business strategy through ISSB standards.
  3. Quick guide: biodiversity disclosures under the new TNFD
    An in-depth exploration of TNFD's new framework and its global impact on corporate reporting, aligning with TCFD, adoption guidelines, and the role of Morrow Sodali in facilitating compliance and integration.
  4. FY23 reporting season recap - who survived, who thrived and who surprised?
    A summary of the FY23 reporting season, including surprises, share price fluctuations, disclosure trends, consumer resilience, a cautious FY24 outlook, and small caps' outperformance in the post-reporting season market landscape.
  5. Preparing for the AGM season
    Navigating the 2023 AGM Season: Experts from Morrow Sodali Share Insights on Governance, ESG, and Shareholder Engagement Strategies.
  6. Be prepared, or pay the price
    Navigating complex business environments amid rising regulatory scrutiny and crisis preparedness: Insights from APRA's corporate plan, ASIC's focus, and strategies for effective communication in times of crisis.
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