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22 December 2023


Reflections on a year of unprecedented growth and opportunity

Welcome to Morrow Sodali’s Lighthouse Magazine, our quarterly publication providing insights on shareholder engagement, corporate communications, IR and ESG.

In this edition, we hear from International CEO, Christian Sealey regarding recent acquisitions in the UK and Australia, and take a deep dive into Morrow Sodali’s expansion into the corporate communications space – and what this means for a growing list of global clients.

Our ESG team share insights around the growing influence of sustainability regulations in China, while we also explore key takeaways from the recent Australasian Investor Relations Association’s IR Forum in Sydney.

Finally, we look into why board reviews have become integral to corporate governance and how Morrow Sodali can assist.

We hope you enjoy this edition of APAC’s Lighthouse magazine.

At a glance

  1. CEO's Foreward
    Christian Sealey provides an update on what has been a year of unprecedented growth for the firm across the region. Following the recent acquisitions of Domestique and Designate, he shares his thoughts on the opportunities that lie ahead for 2024.
  2. Morrow Sodali Launches Corporate Communications Practice
    Meet Morrow Sodali’s new Managing Director, Susan Redden Makatoa, who is widely regarded as one of the region’s leading corporate communications specialists and is spearheading the firm’s growth in the space.
  3. An Evolving Landscape of ESG in China
    Find out why ESG has become an increasingly important consideration for companies in China, as the level of reporting and expectations around disclosures continues to grow.
  4. A Closer Look at the 2023 Australasian IR Forum: Key Takeaways and Trends
    Get the top three takeaways from the recent IR Forum in Sydney. Hosted by the Australasian Investor Relations Association, Morrow Sodali continues a proud partnership as the Education Partner, delivering key insights and top trends at this year’s event.
  5. Board reviews: an integral part of good corporate governance
    Understand why great corporate governance is essential today, as investors continue to look for more than just profits when choosing who they’ll support financially in the future.

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