PROXY Update: ISS 2021 Global Policy Survey – Climate & 2021 Global Benchmark Policy Survey

2021 ISS Global Policy Survey – Climate & 2021 Global Benchmark Policy Survey

ISS recently released the results of a Global Policy Development Process Survey on Climate and a Global Benchmark Policy Survey it conducted between July 28, 2021, and August 27th, 2021. Elements of these surveys included a focus on climate change as well as a broad array of other topics with the goal of soliciting feedback relevant to both ISS’ Benchmark and Specialty Climate policies.

Climate survey questions included views on minimum criteria for boards in overseeing climate related risks, shareholders rights to regularly vote on a company’s climate transition plan, criteria for management to present quality climate transition plans and the importance of Net-Zero goals, and other climate risk management criteria. The Benchmark survey focuses on executive compensation, racial equity audits, virtual-only meeting formats, SPACs and issues regarding transparency and independence on boards. Please complete the form below to receive this issue of Proxy Update summarizing ISS’ Global Policy Surveys on Climate and Benchmark Policy.