Lighthouse, Brazil Edition, March 2022

Morrow Sodali is pleased to present the latest edition of Brazil Lighthouse, which complements our other publications from the US, EMEA and Australia, and reveals interesting insights on corporate governance trends for boards and investors.

This edition includes an analysis that will help you to prepare for what to expect in the current 2022 proxy season. This in depth review of the main issues and trends arising from the 2021 AGM season showcases the perspectives of corporates and investors on corporate governance and ESG trends, such as climate change, social impact, and board accountability.

Also in this edition, Paula Magalhães and Victor Porfírio from Lobo De Rizzo Advogados explore the hot topics of the annual shareholders’ meetings in Brazil in 2021 and what to expect in the current 2022 proxy season. They share interesting insights in relation to board elections and voting methods, and regulatory changes including new rules for Novo Mercando issuers and changes to ESG disclosures.

We also include an article by Fábio Henrique de Sousa Coelho, CEO of the Association of Capital Markets Investors in Brazil (Amec), which shares the insights of institutional investors on the current 2022 proxy season in Brazil. This interesting perspective, taken from recent discussions at Amec, demonstrates what to expect from the 2022 proxy season in what is shaping up to be a challenging year.

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