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A Message from Di Costa Partners on the Coronavirus

16 March 2020

A Message from Di Costa Partners on the Coronavirus

The old adage “may you live in interesting times” could not be more true than today. We are all coming to grips with what COVID-19 will mean for our families, communities and businesses.  The good news is that we can now see China begin to come out of the other side of this pandemic as new cases of the virus in Wuhan have dropped to almost zero.  We are hopeful that this crisis will end soon, normal life will return, and markets will bounce back.

In the meantime, we want to do something tangible to help those who are being impacted by this unprecedented situation. Effective immediately, Di Costa Partners (DCP) will donate 5% of its project management and advisory fees for the rest of 2020 to the Emergency Response Fund of the CDC Foundation. They are responding to the public health threat by supporting state and local health departments, logistics, communications, data management, personal protective equipment, critical response supplies and more.  If you would like to learn more and support their efforts, the link is here.

We know most of you have other priorities today ahead of fund governance and shareholder proxies, but sometimes you don’t have a choice of when you have to conduct a shareholder meeting.  So, we want you to know that DCP was built for this type of working environment from the outset.  Our employees are 100% virtual working from their homes or local locations.  We do not have to learn how to work remotely with each other because we do it every day.  Our secure infrastructure was designed to support this operating model while safeguarding our clients’ shareholder data.  To date, we have passed all security and cyber due diligence reviews and can work uninterrupted when the need arises.

We plan to read some good books, play games, rediscover the lost art of conversation, and support our family and friends in need – while also getting some work done.  On behalf of DCP and our parent company, Morrow Sodali, we hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and secure.

With warmest regards,

Vin, Steve & Nick

Vincent Di Costa
Steve Messinger
Nicholas Nichols
A Message from Di Costa Partners on the Coronavirus
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